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We cooked up something real cool to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of F is For…Fendi! Gary, Cave, Hillel, Roes, Casper and Jodae took over the Fendi HQ Rooftop to kickstart: The Ring of The Future.

For the very first time, these six afire artists AKA super street legends, got together and wrote the word FUTURE in six different languages inside a giant yellow ring. Why? To spread a mega positive vibe across Rome and beyond (duh), breaking all barriers for a fearless future for all the freaks around!

The best part: we can all walk towards the brill future with this cool message real close to our hearts. How? Well, turning it into the flyest tees ever, of course!

Check out the full video and the lit pics we snapped soaking up the Roman sun, and dive into The Ring of the Future with our #fisforfendi crew.

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