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Going ham at the Arkham

From London to Shanghai, the freaks got ready to hit up the second edition of the #FFreloaded party and it was pure fire!

Somewhere between the city lights and busy streets, a one-time hotspot for the fearless and the free came to life: a neon-packed and street-rich place to party hard and celebrate (once more) the #FFreloaded capsule collection! 

Our highlights? Well, obviously the first-ever live performace of FendiMan by Jackson Wang and all the other incredible sets by Al Rocco, Miss Vava, Alisa Ueno, Lia Kim, Vroskiii, X-Crew, Higher Brothers (and more).

Of course Natasha Lau, Ami & Aya, Mr Bags, DmFung couldn’t miss this shindig… it was totally amz!

If you’re still buzzing like we are, get scrolling and check out the best party moments <3

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