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Meet Ben Nordberg

Not only a skater, but a very well-dressed one! Ben Nordberg (cue the heart-eyes emoji) first started grinding on the streets of England. But like he’s said before fashion wasn’t part of his plan until some agents spotted him. He’s now a major insta-hottie and skates his way through new modeling territories alongside other dope fashion-freaks.

1. How do you feel when skating and what does skating mean to you?
When I’m skating it just feels like Freedom, it’s fun. It’s just the feeling of learning new tricks, of putting in the hard work and then nailing that trick you’ve been trying to get for a while. Friends! Just hanging out with friends and skating with them is the best.

2. F is For… Fearless so, do you feel fearless when skating or like... generally in life?
I wouldn’t say I’m fearless, cos I’m definitely scared to try certain things but you can’t really hesitate cos that’s usually when bad things happen, so you have to be confident that you can do it. You have to know your limits though, you can’t just be fearless! If you don’t fear anything then something’s wrong with you ;-)

3. F is For…?
Can I say a bunch of things? Ok, so F is For… fun, food… well, just fun and food! I had a great time with you guys, this shoot has been really fun… and hot, but that’s just Florida!

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