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Meet Lion Babe

Say hello to the real dream team: the electro soul duo from New York City, made up of bomb-singer Jillian Hervey and power producer Lucas Goodman. This fiery duo actually met through a mutual friend. They then went on to release their first single ‘Treat Me Like Fire.’ Give them a listen, the rest will be history!

1. F is For... Freedom. What does Freedom mean to you?

Jillian: Freedom means following your intuition. Not being afraid of being truthful.

Lucas: Freedom is being able to live and be yourself, without being constrained to something you aren’t.

2. F is For...

Jillian: F is for Food!

Lucas: Family/Friends.

3. You are a super cool music duo. Tell us the best thing about being a part of it?

Jillian: My favorite part of being in a music duo is being able to create something with another person. We both get to focus on our strengths and we push each other to keep growing. 

Lucas: There’s a constant back and forth between us, and we inspire each other. We push each other to do something to the next level.

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