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Meet Sita Abellan

Our favorite Spanish model and DJ, Sita Abellan, became Internet’s techno princess when she appeared in one of Riri’s music videos. She has since walked the catwalks, become the ultimate go-to DJ for many fashion world A-listers and now leads a flashy life on Instagram.

1. We love your style and your hair... Tell us, why did you choose blue?
I tried many colors before dying my hair blue and when I finally did it, I realized how much I liked it, even though I wasn’t really into blue until that moment :) I love the way it looks and what the color inspires, which is positivity and peace.

2. How important is Freedom for you? Do you feel free when DJing?
I’ve always done what I wanted or what my intuition and heart wanted without boundaries. I never really care much about what people think. Doing what I love and feeling free to do it, makes me very happy.

3. F Is for...

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