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Meet Al Rocco

Extra fly and definitely not shy, Rocco started the year with a bang, crushing his first Mandarin single which hit 1M views in 24 hours. Sweet, right? He then released the collab single ‘China Rebels’ with Skrillex’s label, Wiwek and was also the first-ever Chinese rapper to perform at the SXSW music festival in Texas. After hitting the states, he went on to crush more music festivals in Asia and his own shows completely sold out!

1. What’s the one song you wish you’d written?

Mhmm… nothing! I mean, none of them. You know what I mean?

2. Where does your music inspo come from?

Inspiration comes from really representing Chinese people because I rap in English, so I wanna put a lot of Chinese culture into my music so that the world can understand what we’re all about.

3. Performing on stage or hitting the studio?

I love both of them, you know? They’re two different vibes: the studio is where I can get my creative juices, while on stage I get to interact with the audience…with my fans! So yeah, two different highs!

4. When did you first realize you wanted to make music?

When I was a little boy, cos I went to the UK to study… I was around 14 years old and I listened to Tupac, I really loved his music… it really inspired me. Back then I was struggling a little bit so I wanted to put all my emotions and everything into music. So yeah, that’s how I realized.

5. What makes you freak out?


6. If you had to describe your music style in one word…which one would it be?


7. What’s your dream collab?

I definitely respect a lot of American rappers…Obviously if Tupac was still here, you know? That would be the dream.

8. What is freedom for you?

Freedom for me is to really express what I’m feeling. Like, even the struggles that I’ve been through… being able to talk about that and show that to the world. For me, that’s the greatest freedom.

9. Would you say you’re a freak like us from F is For? Why?

Yes, I’m a freak cos I’m doing something that not a lot of people want to do, you know? Who would ever think that a Chinese rapper would wanna rap in English?

10. F is For…?


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