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Meet Charlotte Lawrence

Say ‘hello’ to Charlotte Lawrence, a freak-force to be reckoned with! She’s not only a total babe, she’s also got the boldest vocals. She’s modeled for major fashion brands, appearing in Vogue, Marie Claire and Teen Vogue. As a singer/songwriter, she’s already crushed Spotify’s Viral 50 Global Chart with the dopest cover. So yeah, it’s Charlotte o’clock and we’re fangirling for all the good reasons!

1. If you could spark a collab with anyone, who would it be?
Musically? My dream collaboration –although she’s passed away– would be Amy Winehouse. Contemporary, I’d say Billie Eilish. She’s 15 and she’s the most incredible singer/song-writer, and she’s like, one of my biggest inspirations.

2. What is freedom for you?
Freedom for me is being able to make the choices you wanna make and do the things you wanna do, with nobody stopping you.

3. F is for…?
F is for… Fendi, but for me, F is for… fun and freedom!

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