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Meet Last night in Paris

They’re the flyest, creative collective where each of the members have fluid roles like singing, rapping, writing, production, visuals and so on. Incredibly funny and talented, the guys from Last Night in Paris are London’s latest music gem (and our current obsession).

1. What’s your shower song?

Provider by Frank Ocean! Yeah, it changes… some R&B!

2. What’s your favorite music genre?

R&B, hip hop and jazz for the rest of our lives.

3. Give us one word to describe your music style!

We’ll give you three: eclectic, versatile and new ;-)

4. What’s freedom for you?

It’s to do what you want, when you want. It’s happiness, it’s having no limits and no one else’s opinion to stop you from what you wanna do. Amen!

5. Sharing pictures or sharing with friends?

Friends all the way!

6. What’s your favorite spot to chill in London?

Anywhere in South London, chilling and playing FIFA. Soho is also cool.

7. F is For…?

F is For… family, future, fashion! Fantastic, flexing, finesse!

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