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Meet Roxy

From London to the world!
A major force on the international breaking circuit, Roxy has already competed all around the globe. She’s obviously one of the top b-girls on the planet and is also known for her incredible freezes and flexibility, as well her effortless power and contagious laugh.

1. Best song for free-styling?

Ugh! I don’t know… anything from The Pasadenas.

2. How did you guys all meet?

Well, Brooke Milliner is my brother so I met him when I was born (lol). He’s the reason why I started dancing and Junior is my brother from another mother –also my favorite b-boy. You know, the dance world is pretty small, so everyone really knows everyone.

3. What’s your dream collab?

I don’t really have anything that particular in mind, I just want to expand my horizons. Not only breaking, I wanna do more theater stuff. I wanna do everything!

4. Is this your first time in Rome? If it were a color, which color would it be?

It’s not my first time and this trip would be… purple!

5. What’s freedom for you?

Well, I think we live in a free world. I think we’re really lucky, well, I am lucky anyway. I get to dance, I get to do what I love to do for a living. I get to travel the world, I get to meet crazy people… so yeah, I guess that’s freedom to me. That’s my freedom!

6. What’s your favorite Italian dish?

Oh… ravioli!

7. Snap your fingers and make someone get here now. Who would it be and why?

My cat, Nala! Because she’s the best, she’s the love of my life :’-)

8. Do you ever get nervous before you perform?

Yeah, every time! Every single time, twelve years in!

9. Would you say you’re a freak like us from F is For… Fendi?

Yes! Probably more!

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