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You say saigon we say go

A feast for the taste buds and the eyes!
The Saigon is a full-on Vietnamese restaurant that will lead you into a whole new world of foody feels.

As you set foot in the coolest Indochine Style deco, with its Versailles floors and fancy AF velvet chairs, fancy lights and exotic plants welcome you into the space. But one of the best parts is the Vietnamese cuisine. If you’re an amateur, we certainly got you covered! Ask for the Pho Soup, it’s our favorite dish pho sho! (And for sure, the pun’s intended :p)

So prep up your taste buds for an explosion of flavor and color! We promise you won’t feel the same about food after visiting this Instagram-ready place.
Via Archimede, 53, 20129 Milano


Via Archimede, 53, 20129 Milano - T. +390270101966

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