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Meet Cailin

1. Hi, tell us why you’re a FREAK like us from F is For…!
I’m a Freak because I like to make up my own dance moves and do them repeatedly!

2. Best song to start the day?
Best song to start the day is DEFINITELY Stevie Wonder’s Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing. Yeah, it’s a banger!

3. Who were you super excited to see at Coachella?
Kendrick, Kendrick all day! I’ve listened to the new album repeatedly.
ELEMENTS! Elements is my thing!

4. Have you ever been to Rome? If it were a color, which color would it be?
I’ve never been to Rome, but I think I would still associate Rome with yellow, like a soft yellow.

5. Snap your fingers and make someone get here right now… who would it be?
My mom.

6. F is For…?
(Singing the Sponge Bob Song) F is for friends who do stuff together! No, ok. F is For… I don’t know! I thought of a lot of really weird words, I’m just gonna say fun! F is for fun!


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