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Meet Jack Laver

We saw him in London modeling for #FFReloaded video, and now he’s playing guitar alongside Bakar at Palazzo della Civilita Italiana in Rome.

It seems that Jack really made his way to the F is For… Family, and we couldn’t be happier!

1. What came first, guitar or modeling?

Guitar came a long time before, my dad taught me my first chord when I was six or seven.

2. Tell us how you met Bakar.

I met Bakar at a show in London a few years back before all the music stuff began for him.

3. How does it feel to be in Rome?

It feels amazing to be here in Rome, it’s my first time and the history here is immense.

4. What came to mind when you found out you were coming here to work on this f is for… project?

Excitement, and relief to get away from London.

5. We saw you in London, now here in Rome. What came in-between

I’ve been working on printmaking making etchings and screen-prints. And I just came off tour with Bakar and The Badkids.

6. What’s your next project?

Many more prints and paintings and working on Bakar’s new album with the rest of the band.

7. For you, F is for…


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