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Meet Nigel Sylvester

Coming to us straight from the Big Apple, Nigel Sylvester is the coolest BMX athlete around.

Famous for his ‘GO’ series on his YouTube channel, Nigel loves to take us with him on his numerous adventures around the globe. Fearless and Freaky at the same time, Sylvester fitted in perfectly in our F is For… Family.

1. What song gets you in the mood before a BMX performance?

One of my favorite song is Jay-Z “U Don’t Know”. The lyrics are super powerful, the beat is dope, it’s just a really cool track.

2. Who would you say inspired you to start your BMX career?

One of my biggest inspiration is the late great Dave’ Murray. He was amazing on the bicycle, off the bicycle. He pushed the sport so far and he’s someone I grew up looking up to.

3. Where is your favorite place to BMX?

New York City of course! NYC offers so much from the spots, to the people, the architecture; the traffic is super fun to ride through. It’s a really cool place to ride and grow up in.

4. What would you say was your “I have made it” point in your career?

I would say the moment that I arrived on a BMX as a professional bike rider. You know, all the years that I have dreamt about it, I worked super hard towards it and it finally happened and I was like “Wouah! I’m here!” and it felt incredible, eye opener for me, so life changing moment for sure.

5. Tell us what you love most about Rome?

I love the food here in Rome. Every time I come here I just eat a lot!

6. What does « Freedom » mean to you?

Freedom is riding my bicycle around the world. Using the world as my playground, as a place where I can dream, express myself.

7. What do you think the “Future” holds for you?

I hope the future is filled with excellent moments, couple laughs, amazing times with my family and friends and be able to just create, live out my imagination. More opportunities to be here at FENDI.

8. Fast or Furious?


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