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5 Senses Influencers

Think you’ve got true fashion sense? Think again. We’ve taken it to the next level, FFriends, wrapping the senses of five of our fave FFamily members with the #FendiBaguette and #NanoBaguette in Miami.

First up? Taste. We’ve emptied our FENDI FFruit bowl of apples and juicy grapefruits, with Joanna Kuchta starring. Next, singer-songwriter Austin Mahone explores smell, with more flowers than your local florists. For touch, Tiffany Meia picks up the golden sand of a Miami beach (hopefully not turning her #FendiBaguette handbag into a sandbag).

Now onto sound and vision. We zoom in on sight via Valeria Lipovetsky playing with a magnifying glass, while Anaa Saber swears she can hear the sea in the shells - just soundwaves, we guess.

It all ends together on the beach, mirroring synthesia. We reckon you’ve got true fashion sense now - though that might just be our sixth sense...

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