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Blowing up boundaries


With a massive brush and bright yellow paint to go, our favorite modern artist turned the rooftop of the Fendi headquarters into a high-flown, life-size canvas. 

An official Calligraffiti ambassador (and freak), Pokras Lampas is blurring the frontiers with his brushes and paint buckets. He is one of the most talented modern artists, and is totally rewriting stuff through Calligrafuturism, his personal way of expressing his version of our uber-global and sometimes-crazy world. This globetrotter is also spreading the word about modern calligraphy and collaborating with crazy cool brands and artists.

He realized the biggest Calligraffiti in Italy on FENDI rooftop at Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, reinterpreting the F IS FOR…manifesto throughout freedom of expression, art, culture and optimism all around!

Not only he’s a super fly freak – who happens to love Kanye West – but he is also an incredible masterpiece machine. Pokras Lampas captures, creates, interprets and simply makes magic magic.

Totally goosebumps-worthy, his time in Rome with the F is For… crew was so rad, filled with an intense, gigantic-lettered poem, shapes and lines that basically set the standard once again for what we label as authentic talent.

Check out the full video to see just how big and terrific Pokras got! We’ll spell it out for you:
it was mind-blowing!

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