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Fearless notes of september rose

As afternoons start to spread their way into later evenings, Cailin Russo’s new song is totally giving us the feels!

This fearless freak from L.A. has been around music all her life, but this awesome music piece marks her first move out on her own terms. Talk about music destiny, huh?

Not only she’s a total babe, but she also writes uber-relatable lyrics while singing her hear out. So, this time, we teamed up with Modzik and got her to sing it for us, from the Fendi HQ rooftop, while rocking some dope outfits.

Check out the whole video and get ready to fangirl like us!


Video creds:

Music: Cailin Russo
Video: Justino Esteves
Photography: Louis philippe de Gagoue
Fashion Director: Nicolas Dureau
Styling: Tiphaine Menon

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