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Murdah! We’re still wearing our hot pink viscose dresses and trying to recover from the FFun that was the #FendiPrintsOn launch. Celebrating the futuristic collab between FENDI and Nicki Minaj, we invited the coolest barbie girlz and boyz to party with the queen.

Euphoria duo Storm Reid and Sydney Sweeney brought the feel-good vibes to our Beverly Hills flagship store, while Diplo and Chloe & Halle Bailey represented the music world. Joining them were models and influencers Shaun Ross, AleAli May, Paris Jackson and Jenn Im, rocking futuristics fabrics, the new space-age #FendiPeekaboo and #FendiBaguette bags and major Minaj inspired attitude.

Sick DJ Va$shtie worked the decks while decked out in a cosmic silver jacket, bringing the bangers all night long.

The star of the show, of course, was Nicki Minaj. We’re so grateful to have her as part of our FFamily, and had the best time celebrating the launch.

And we’re not changing out of our pink dresses.

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