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Set en plein air in the paradise of Villa Reale, nestled between rows of flowers and a delicately flowing pond, FENDI unveiled its Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. The show saw rich, earthy tones of green, beige and brown breathe life into luxurious cottons and wools. Formal and uniform; but never plain.

Special guests entered our paradise, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Actor and singer Timmy Xu dazzled with his sartorial, sharp looks while actors and models Alex Pettyfer and Sarah Snyder radiated beauty. #FendiEyewear model Rob Raco swapped the shade for his shades, joined by actor Tommy Dorfman, and fashion icon Caro Daur. Trendsetter Leo Mandella set the evergreen scene.

Whizzkid producer Nasir Dean took over the #FisForFendi feed, photographing the pequin patterns and playful rubber trainers.

The Milanese sun danced off the Baguette and Peekaboo bags, the seeds planted for future invention.

If Eden was Fendi, it would look something like this...

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