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Roma’s aroma has been discovered in Miami! The launch of the #FendiFrenesia fragrance with the scented #FendiBaguette and #NanoBaguette saw the Eternal City be brought to the Magic City.

The event took place on December 4th, in the star-studded Miami Design District.

Following a finders-keepers scavenger hunt for the scented #NanoBaguette (get your metal detectors out!), our FFamily faves managed to smell out the #FendiBaguette Scented Room and came together for a literally sensational in-store party.

The guest list reads like a who's-who of influencers. Familiar faces Winnie Harlow, Caro Daur, Joanna Kuchta, Nasir Dean, Shaun Ross, Olivia Culpo, Tiffany Meia all joined us.

We could go on (Larsen Thompson, Taylor Lashae, Austin Mahone), but we’d be here for hours...!

We had loads of FFun - it was an explosion of fashion senses!

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