Me and My Peekaboo


Sylvia Chang and Oscar Wang

"The Peekaboo is Intriguing, elegant and classic"
"The Peekaboo bag is symbolic of subtleness. It is friendly and classic. "

Episode I

Kim Kardashian West, North West and Kris Jenner

"The Peekaboo is timeless because it’s so simple and a classic bag you can wear no matter the occasion or season. That’s why I chose the Peekaboo, because it's classic but also modern"

"Fendi represents a strong and determined woman."


Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung

"Fendi to me means bringing a bold, creative spirit to traditional luxury. "

"(To me the Peekaboo is..) Creative, Minimal, Simple"


Joey Yung and Kam Fung

"Peekaboo now comes in various size but the the bag shape is so iconic and the unique structure is inimitable. And there are a lot of colour and material combinations which is fascinating."

"Rarely there is a bag that are liked by all kind of women, from young fashionista to elegant lady or mother like me. "


Gao Yuan and Dou Jiayuan

"The Peekaboo is simple and to me it is synonymous with understated elegance. "

"The Peekaboo is fun, vivid and with its own character"


Clara McGregor and Esther McGregor

"It’s a true classic. It’s shape and design are simple yet unique, I don’t see how it could ever go out of style."

"Elegant, powerful and timeless."